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Diskon Bakerzin’s Ramadan Hamper mulai dari Rp. 529.000

Bakerzin’s Ramadan Hamper mulai dari Rp. 529.000


Ramadan is the perfect time to share happiness with your family and colleagues, while Turquoise offers delightful hampers this season to accommodate personal and corporate appreciations filled with all of the treasured delights that make a heartwarming Holy Month at Rp 799.000??

Bakerzin’s Ramadan Hamper – Ruby is an exclusive selection to complete any moment spent during the holy month of Ramadan. Here, you will find an assortment of delectable offerings including luxurious hampers filled with carefully curated Ramadan delights that surely make a festive centerpiece?

Amethyst offers a beautifully presented hamper filled with irresistible alpen and coconut cookies, cheese puff, lavishly hydrating Twinings tea and Toraja coffee?


Place your order early through call +62 811 7777 5522 or email to sales.corporate@boga.co.id????

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